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about us

Dzine Folio

Dzine Folio is an established and trusted company in Nepal. We provide top-notch design services, such as graphic design, banner design, and logo design. Additionally, due to our tech focus, we offer website development and SEO services. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services has garnered the satisfaction of many clients across the country. Importantly, we place a strong emphasis on the creative aspects of design, recognizing their vital role in the company’s success. We value each client and strive to provide our best designs to build a strong relationship based on trust and satisfaction.


“ To provide high quality, creative, professional services in all designing and printing areas at an affordable price.”


“ To provide quality designs to build meaningful brands and be a market leader in the designing and printing world.”


“ We are deeply rooted in 3 C’s i.e., Creativity, Commitment, and Competent in all aspects of designing and printing areas.”
Meet Our Team
team member
Ujjwal Maharjan
CEO | Cofounder
team member
Sujan Maharjan
MD | Cofounder
team member
Amrit Maharjan
team member
Rasmila Bajracharya
team member
Rupa Luhar
team member
Ajay Pyatha
Sr.Graphic Designer
team member
Suman Shivahari
Sr.Graphic Designer
team member
Saurav Malekoo
Web Developer
team member
Bina Awale
Office Assistant
team member
Devin Rajkarnikar
Legal Consultant
team member
Paras Khadka
Marketing Officer

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